Hand-Tied Bouquets

These bouquets are arranged by our florists by hand and tied, so the recipient can simply put them in to a vase already arranged. The stems are in a bubble of cellophane filled with water and delivered in an attractive box. They can be left in this way for a day or two.

Put the sachet of flower food into the vase and fill with water. Hold the bouquet over a sink and cut the cellophane off at the bottom to release the water.  Remove all remaining gift wrapping (but not the string or tie inside the cellophane wrapping) and any leaves that would be under water.  Trim at an angle at least 2cm from the ends of the flowers and place in the vase.

If the bouquet is too tall cut the stems down to the appropriate height.  If your hand tied bouquet is not delivered in water, the stems can be simply trimmed and then place into your vase. Place your bouquet away from direct heat, sunlight and draughts.